Top List Of Food Franchise Under 50K in 2017

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Top List Of Food Franchise Under 50K in 2017 – Here we go 2017, we already on our to the mid’s 2017. But it is never too late to start your own small business in 2017. OK let’s put this way, you’re a graduate college student who have good amount of graduation money, or you are a worker who sick off your work partner or your bosses. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who want to expand your business but you don’t want to put big money into your business. As we all know every human being need food. Food is a big industry everywhere in anytime. So why don’t you put your gaze to this industry? There are so many franchise out there, especially food franchise that you can try with small investment, you can run your business in no time. Many business comes from a small place with little money putted on it. Let’s say KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino, you continue it. Most of them become a giant company which you can find in every city corner.

As not everyone would to build their business from scratch, food franchise is a good option to pursue success of any pizza and fast food vendor that you know.To open your eyes about this industry, here comes the top list of food franchise under 50k in 2017. All the food franchise in the list below are food franchise with good reputation, many menu options, affordable sell price and great management. Check it out!

1. Simple Simon’s Pizza®

For over 30 years since it was founded, Simple Simon’s Pizza has maintained a plain and simple philosophy—”to serve the best in pizza, calizone and sandwiches at the most affordable price in a fun-filled, family atmosphere.” Entrepreneurs are discovering that Simple Simon’s is one of the best kept franchising secrets in the food industry. With exceptional new unit development, operations management and continuing support, a Simple Simon’s franchise is the business opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Simple Simon’s Pizza has been ranked within the top 50 pizza franchise companies for several years in Pizza Today’s listing of the “Hot 100 Franchises.” Through the tremendous dedication of our franchise owners and their drive for the future, Simple Simon’s is continuing to grow. Now is the time to be a part of this rapid expansion. If you have ever considered operating your own pizza business, Simple Simon’s Pizza could be the perfect fit for you.

Once you become a member of the Simple Simon’s organization, you will receive assistance in the key elements of the business both before and after your store opens, including planning, building, purchasing, training, opening assistance, field service and marketing.

2. The Dapper Doughnut

Franchising veterans Brian and Jeff Pappas have teamed up with Chicago’s award winning Beavers Coffee & Donuts co-founders Sammi Wiesen and James Nuccio, to launch an aggressive national and international single and multi-unit owner franchise program for hot mini donuts. Say hello to The Dapper Doughnut! The Dapper Doughnut business model is like no other food and beverage franchise and with an experienced team of franchise professionals to support you all the way you’re bound to be successful.  The combination of donuts and coffee is literally the most profitable F&B combo on the planet.  The food cost to make one donut is around $.03 and we sell them for $.30 – $1.00!

The Benefit of The Dapper Doughnut franchise:

  • Can be operated in a very small footprint (200 – 300 sq. ft)
  • Can be operated with a food truck
  • Uses a portable donut machine
  • Enjoys huge catering opportunities
  • Is a simple F&B model – donuts and coffee
  • Has very low food costs (around 10%)
  • Offers 5 days of training at our Las Vegas training center and 2 days of on-site training at your store or food truck
  • Does not require a large amount of capital (as compared to other food franchises)
  • Ramps up quickly – even while your unit or food truck is being built, you can almost immediately start the business with catering jobs.
  • Is not seasonal
  • Limited competition – while there’s lots of competition for the usual, regular sized donuts that are made in the morning and sit on the shelf all, there is very little competition for hot, fresh mini donuts… and ours taste so much better than theirs
  • Has world-wide appeal – everyone loves donuts!

3. Slice Factory®

Slice Factory® is not just your normal pizza franchise. We are the home of Chicago’s Original Jumbo Slice and our franchise opportunity is just as big! Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of an established franchise system with plenty of opportunity to grow. With plenty of availability, great leadership, and a family atmosphere, you will be glad with your choice to join our franchise system.

4. Baby’s Badass Burgers

Baby’s Badass Burgers is a playfully unique and entertaining mobile burger concept that sells competitively priced, high quality gourmet burgers. Meals are served by a fun, friendly and attractive staff, giving our guests an absolutely delicious burger and fun experience that sets us apart from not only catering trucks, but by all other burger joints and restaurants as well!

Baby’s Benefit To Join

  • Convenient, Mobile Business: Profitability, mobility and continuous branding
  • Unique Gourmet Menu – Strong Value Proposition: Offering a quality meal to consumers at great price with whimsical, playful convenient meal experience.
  • Irresistible Brand With Record Growth: A magnetic & popular, proven brand that creates instant consumer loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Innovative, Groundbreaking Blend of Quality & Convenience: Operationally efficient, great brand image and curb appeal, fun and inviting truck design– fun for young and old, while offering restaurant quality, satisfying meals.
  • Strong Growth Potential: Single truck and multi unit territories available for development.
  • Multi-Channel Business Model: We’ve designed 6 defined business channels to create multiple revenue opportunities for our franchisees. All supported with excellent marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Exclusive Markets: Our franchisees enjoy large preferred markets and exclusive territories. Generous multiple truck plan allows owners to maximize market potential and build economies of scale.
  • Best In Class Franchise Support: Superior franchise support throughout the development and growth process. Starting with initial training and continuing through staffing, pre-launch and full operational growth.

5.  Janny MT Fresh Healthy Food

Janny MT has developed storage equipment that extends the life of fresh produce (vegetables, fruit, mushrooms). This method makes it possible to produce an atmosphere suitable for long-term storage in modules.

Our equipment is intended for producers or distributors of fresh products and giving them flexibility in selling stored products. What has existed for apples, pears and kiwi for 50 years for large structures is now available for all producers of all sizes and allows to store products such as roses, chanterelles, cherry, blueberries, broccoli, asparagus and more.

This process gives producers the great opportunity to increase their margins, manage their production peaks, reduce losses and improve quality.

The benefit: The Distribution License

  • This is a profitable distribution license opportunity.
  • The license is for the exclusive distribution of controlled atmosphere equipment on its sector.
  • The licensee is responsible for its organization and the setting up of its sales network.
  • This can be done through a network of direct users or resellers.
  • The distribution company has already been established; we are looking for an active stockholder partner who will run the business on a day-to-day basis.


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