Simple Life Hacks How To Keep Food Cold At A Party

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List Of Simple Life Hacks, How To Keep Food Cold At A Party. We also added some foods suggestion to help you.

  • How To Keep Food Cold by using alum trays. First make sure everything in your alum trays is ice cold.Before the buffet starts  put 2 or 3 large 5 or 6 inch hi  plastic trays filled with ice on the buffet then place alum containers in it pushed into ice. Sought of like a steam table but filled with ice. These plastic trays are available in supermarket near us. Ice will melt and then turn to ice water which will also help keep cold. Then siph off water and add more ice. I have done many gigs like this and I to am in Florida. This way unsightly cooler is not on table and no lids to fool around with. Hotels use fancy plastic ice  pans, but they are expensive and made of lexan. They are also used for ice carvings. These trays can actually be put on the buffet table and put ferns around them to hide edges. Also a bit of Kosher salt  sprinkled  on top of ice even keeps food colder. You can even put a block or 2 of dry ice underneath the regular ice it will keep longer.
  • How To Keep Food Cold by using insulated plastics. Insulated plastic chests should do you fine. Get as many as you think you’ll frequently use, including at least one with wheels. You’ll use that one a lot. Get foam chests for the rest. Make sure you have at least one chest just for ice. Depending on your “event” you may need more. It doesn’t have to say “Cambro” to work. Nor, for that matter, does it have to say Coleman. Insulated chests keep stuff ice cold (as long as you use sufficient ice) overnight at least. Pack your stuff in large plastic containers, and put them in the chests. On site, serve onto trays set in ice — and when the ice melts refresh it. When the food on the trays runs out and needs to be refilled, refill it.
  • How To Keep Food Cold by controlling the amount of serve. To be on the safe side, I don’t have food set out for more than an hour especially meat and eggs. You can use trays larger than your serving trays to hold a layer of ice under your food. In this case I usually garnish the ice and not so pretty trays with produce greens like parsley or collard. To keep things hot I have picked up cheap electric warming trays at thrift stores – everyone gets rid of them. And my last alternative is to have small portions set out and the rest of your food in other serving pieces in your fridge that you keep replenishing as the food goes. So you keep new food and dishes coming out, I wouldn’t just keep refilling the dishes without washing them first though. Hope this helps.
  • How To Keep Food Cold by using wading pool. Use a child’s wading pool or blow up pool. Pour bags of ice on the bottom and place covered bowls of chilled food on the ice. Then add more ice to fill around the bowls. If you want a fancier, presentation, place produce greens around each bowl. Your food will stay cold for hours. This is also fun to do for bottled and canned beverages at a reunion. During clean-up ,remove the food bowls and scoop out any ice or water with plastic pitchers. This set-up is especially useful for picnics since you can simply dump the ice and water on the ground.

    For a different twist on canned salsa, try a heartier fresh black bean/Mexicorn/fresh tomato salsa. The recipe was recently posted on this website.

    Check out Sam’s club for olive tapenade or Italian capponata which can be served at room temperature.

    Both of these are good served on sliced French baguette bread, You could line the bread basket with a checkered cloth and set out the toppers in little crocks or wire baled canning jars.

    Our local grocery store bakes foccaccia breads with various toppings such as sun dried tomatoes, peppers and onions, even a deluxe with roasted Italian vegetables and all are baked with Parmesan cheese. They are in the bakery at room temperature. You could slice some into squares on platters for a hearty appetizer.

    Sam’s Club also sells Greek Spanikopita in the frozen food section. These is a savory phyllo pastry and spinach appetizers that are baked and could be served at room temperature. Check the package instructions to verify serving it at room temperature.

  • #1: Tortilla Roll-Ups. Take an 8 oz pkg of cream cheese, and let soften to room temperature. When it’s spreadable, add 1/4 – 1/3 cup of medium salsa, or more to make it easy to spread. Mix well.

    Take a spoonful or two, spread on one flour tortilla, to within 1/2″ of the edge. Roll up as tightly as possible. Some mixture may squeeze out during the rolling process. Save and use on another tortilla. Make the roll-ups until you’re out of the mixture.

    Cut each roll into 1″ pieces. Refrigerate until firm, or time to serve. Recipe makes a lot of roll-ups. I have taken these to all sorts of parties, pot-lucks, etc, and always take home an empty pan.

    #2: Cherry Tomato Bites. Get a container or two of cherry tomatoes, rinse them, and scoop out the centers, leaving just the tomato shell. Refill with purchased or your recipe of chicken or tuna salad. Garnish with parsley. These looks pretty when placed on a bed of lettuce leaves.

    #3: Meat & Cheese Rolls: Buy 2-3 kinds of your favorite meat at the deli or grocery store, sliced thinly. Also, purchase a chunk of 2-3 types of your favorite cheeses.

    Take the cheese hunks and cut finger lengths of the cheeses. Take one piece of the sliced meat and roll a piece of cheese up in it. Secure them with an hors de oeuvres style toothpick. You can vary the meats and cheeses – mix and match the flavors.

    I place these on a large platter, circling the edge with the meat/cheese sticks. I put small containers of condiments in the center, for dipping.

  • How To Keep Food Cold especially for cheese based food. Bagels sliced and cream cheese with different flavor cream cheeses like salmon slice (lox) for lox or egg salad spread on half bagels. You could buy the mini lender bagels they are great party food. Just set toppings, egg salad, cream cheeses, etc. next to each other and let them make their own!
  • How To Keep Food Cold For Finger food. When serving finger sandwiches take a plastic bag ,the approximate size if a bread basket, fill it with water, and lay it flat on a shelf in your freezer. Prepare your sandwiches as usual, put a terrycloth hand towel or washrag in the bottom of the basket, place the ice on top of the terrycloth, cover the ice with an attractive napkin, and add your sandwiches.The terrycloth will absorb the moisture condensation from the bag of ice and the ice will keep the sandwiches fresh. This creates an attractive and safe way to serve any type of sandwich.


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